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Thank you for your interest in Manuals! 

The Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Institute ("FRPI") has partnered with Techstreet, now FRPI's exclusive online worldwide standards and trade organization technical information superstore.  Please visit Techstreet at the following links to preview and purchase FRPI publications:

Publications Catalog

 Laminate Certification Manual

AST Inspector Certification and Licensing Manual


  1. Techstreet produces and distributes copies of documents to you in printed and electronic media under a licensing agreement with standard and trade organizations like FRPI.  Electronic copies are PDF format and provided to you with Digital Rights Management enabled for copyrights protection.  When you purchase a PDF download document you are essentially purchasing a licensed copy of the document and it will lock to the computer it is assigned to by the purchaser via an email address.
  2. During the Techstreet purchase process you can set up an account with portal allowing you access via your email address and password, where all documents you buy from Techstreet will reside in a library.  This library provides portability control of your documents, where you can lock and unlock them if you work between computers.  When you want access to the documents from any remote computer, simply log in to your Techstreet account, click "My Account", click "My Downloads", click "View Details" down arrow on document of interest, click "Unlock" the document and then click "Download" it to the computer you are on.  To get it back on your primary computer, perform the same steps from that computer.
  3. Whoever the document is assigned to by email, that person's name will appear in an original copyrights license stamp on all Manual pages.  Some FRPI seminars and certification programs designate Manual ownership as a prerequisite and require the participant to present their Manual to FRPI with an unaltered authentic stamp as proof of legal document ownership.
  4. A substantial document price discount is offered for Multi-User document licenses.  If an employer intends to engage several employees in an FRPI seminar or certification program requiring participant ownership of documents, then please be sure to take advantage of this discount by purchasing Multi-User licenses as opposed to a single Manual copy for each participant.  Multi-Users can be named and assigned their copies after the allotment of Manuals are purchased, as the block of licenses bought are sent to the purchasers portal for future distribution via email.  The total of all participants in an FRPI program from a given employer shall not exceed the number of publication copyright licenses the employer has purchased relating to that program.
  5. Should you have any difficulty with Techstreet purchases, please work it out directly with them.  If you are not satisfied with the solution provided, please send email to with details or call 508-380-2232.

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