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Field Inspection of
Aboveground Chemical Bulk Storage Tanks

This four (4) day thirty-two (32) hour live hands on seminar provides a comprehensive review and discussion of essential information pertaining to tank inspection.  Course topics spanning 2 of 4 days also applies to pressure vessels, piping, ductwork, odor/air pollution control vessels, underground storage tanks plus other related process equipment.  Subjects include industry tank standards, laminate identification, visual imperfections, damage mechanisms, integrity and leak testing plus inspection processes.  The course is for inspectors, maintenance planners, designers and engineers of FRP equipment.  It provides essential exam information for prequalified individuals seeking to become FRPI certified 8310 and/or 8210 inspectors, where junior inspectors can develop a broad knowledge base for seeding experience.  PDH credit is also available for licensed engineers.

Course Syllabus

Required Course Manual

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FRP Inspection Manual Preview

Does Our FRP Tank Inspector Comply with Law?

Intro to FRPI 8310 Inspector Certification

What is FRPI 8310 Inspector Qualification About?

How to Become an FRPI 8310 Inspector?

Why Employ FRPI 8310 Inspectors?

FRPI 8310 Inspector Certification Exam

To take SP8310 exam, purchase FRP831 "Required Course Manual" at link above, receive inspector credentials and exam seat application acceptance notice, sign license agreement plus make required payments.  Participation in FRP831 course is optional. Applications, agreements, fee schedule and other pertinent documents will be emailed to you upon Manual purchase.  The Manual and "YouTube Mini On Demand FREE Webinars" at links above will answer most if not all questions.  Exam dates posted here coincide with FRP831 courses: 04/07/23, 05/05/23, 06/16/23 and September/2023 TBD.

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New York

Sept 2023

Repair and Alteration of
Chemical Process Equipment

This two (2) day sixteen (16) hour live hands on seminar provides a comprehensive review and discussion of essential information pertaining to repair and alteration of FRP equipment. Means and methods presented incorporate and build on utilization of ASME, ASTM, DIN, FRPI plus NBIC standards.  Concepts covered help guide repair versus replacement decisions considering equipment damage types, deterioration rates, remaining useful life and repairability.  FRP301, FRP401, FRP831, other training certificates recognized by FRPI or a minimum of one (1) year FRP experience within the past five (5) years is a prerequisite for this course.  PDH credit is also available for licensed engineers.

Course Syllabus

Required Course Manual

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Intro to Design, Manufacturing,

Inspection, Standards and Specifications

This two (2) day sixteen (16) hour live hands on seminar with PDH credit for licensed engineers provides a detailed look at how FRP laminates used in the fabrication of chemical storage tanks plus odor and air pollution control equipment are designed and manufactured, what their properties are and how premature failure occurs. ASTM, ASME, UL, FM, AMCA, FDA, NSF and other standards are discussed.  Both theory and practical experience are blended together with case histories to demonstrate how equipment reliability risks can be mitigated through prescriptive specification writing, submittal auditing plus implementing inspection and test plans. This course is for designers, engineers, specifiers, project managers, planners, purchasing agents, sales people and those new to the FRP industry.

Course Syllabus


Intro to Design and Condition Assessment 

This eight (8) hour live hands on seminar with PDH credit for licensed engineers and discussion quiz provides a hands on detailed look at how fiberglass reinforced plastics used in the fabrication of chemical process equipment are designed, manufactured, inspected and tested, what their properties are, how they typically fail in service as fabricated structures, damage mechanisms, and basic repair methods.

Course Syllabus

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The Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Institute (“FRPI”) conducts seminars for everyone interested in longer life and reduced cost equipment plus preventing hardships that may otherwise arise during procurement and ownership of equipment.  FRPI seminars focus on all aspects of custom manufactured equipment designed to handle corrosive chemical processing applications.  Beginners through advanced are welcome and encouraged to participate.  FRPI will also provide custom seminars to suit your learning objectives.  Simply click Custom Seminar Request link, fill in the form and email it to us.

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