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 What is SP9000 Laminating Process Certification?

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  What is SP9100 Laminate Certification?

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Certified Manufacturers

The Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Institute (“FRPI”) certifies Manufacturer’s knowledge, experience and capabilities on an annual basis per FRPI SP9000 Laminating Process (“Manufacturer”) Certification plus certified Manufacturer’s equipment on a job-by-job basis per FRPI SP9100 Laminate (“Equipment”) Certification.  The following is a current listing of FRPI Certified Manufacturers that are ready to supply FRPI Certified Equipment:




An-Cor Industrial Plastics, Inc.
900 Niagara Falls Boulevard
N. Tonawanda, NY 14120

(P) 716-695-3141
(F) 716-695-0465







Justin Tanks, LLC
21413 Cedar Creek Avenue
Georgetown, DE 19947

(P) 302-856-3521
(F) 302-856-3527





CPK Manufacturing, LLC              (dba Kenway)
681 Riverside Drive
Augusta, ME  04330

(P) 207-622-6229
(F) 207-622-6611




Perry Fiberglass Products, Inc.
377 Woodland Avenue
Elyria, OH 44035

(P) 321-609-9036
(F) 321-609-9003




Troy Dualam, Inc.
Elizabeth Town Ind. Park
4513 Ferguson Drive
Brockville, ON K6V 5T4

(P) 613-345-1306
(F) 613-345-1257





A certificate number suffix provides a general indication for the Manufacturer’s scope of certification per FRPI SP9000 Laminating Process (“Manufacturer”) Certification Part 1.1 F.  No suffix indicates “All Equipment”, whereas “T” is for “Tanks and Vessels only”, "V" is for "Odor and Air Pollution Control Vessels only", “D” is for “Ductwork only”, “P” is for “Custom Pipe only" and "C" is for "Components only".  A combination of suffixes indicates multiple categories.  Some restrictions and/or limitations may apply to Manufacturer Certification beyond the absence or inclusion of a suffix.  Such restrictions and/or limitations may be imposed upon or subsequent to certificate award.  To more fully understand the scope of a Manufacturer’s certification, please contact the Manufacturer and request a current unexpired Manufacturer Certification certificate and disclosure of any restrictions and/or limitations that may be imposed or contact FRPI now.


FRPI welcomes and encourages all Manufacturers of corrosion resistant chemical process equipment to pursue Manufacturer Certification for the betterment of business conditions and improved safety.  To learn more about what certification entails, please read about FRPI SP9000 Laminating Process (“Manufacturer”) Certification and FRPI SP9100  Laminate (“Equipment”) Certification right here on this website or contact FRPI now.


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