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What is SP9000 Laminating Process Certification?

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What is SP9100 Laminate Certification?


SP9100 Laminate Certification is an equipment qualification process performed by the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Institute (“FRPI”) on a job-by-job basis.  It is a product “proving grounds” program similar to that performed by Air Movement Control Association for fiberglass fan and damper performance ratings plus Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual for fiberglass ductwork fire ratings.  FRPI certification is not a standard that a Manufacturer complies with, but rather a rating process that validates whether or not their equipment meets or exceeds specifier requirements sufficiently disclosed in precise plans and specifications.

Laminate composition, quality and performance differ widely between manufacturers.   A fiberglass industry study conducted found that Laminate Degradation or “Corrosion” was the leading type of failure reported, amounting to 36% of 865 cases.  Secondary Bonds or “Weld” failure was the second leading type at 26%.  Ongoing field inspection of equipment shows Secondary Bond failure to be less than a third of what it was at the time of the study, but Laminate Degradation frustratingly is still the leading type of failure by over three (3) times the percentage of the next most frequent type of failure category previously reported on.  Laminate Certification helps eliminate risks associated with laminate performance for the betterment of business and safety conditions.


FRPI SP9100 Laminate Certification is the second part of a two part process for Equipment Certification.  The first part is FRPI SP9000 Laminating Process Certification.  When used together these two (2) certification processes enable Specifying Engineers to obtain low risk equipment from well qualified Manufacturers on a competitive level playing field.  SP9000 is an annual FRPI certification process that qualifies manufacturers, whereas SP9100 is a certification process performed by FRPI on a job-by-job basis qualifying equipment manufactured and shipped.

FRPI performs objective audits of Manufacturers equipment being manufactured on a job-by-job basis per SP9100, with the intent of issuing a Laminate Certification.  This audit is performed for a fee by FRPI at the request of an authorized Manufacturer’s employee.  The fee is payable to FRPI by the candidate Manufacturer who desires to obtain Laminate Certification for their equipment.  The audit includes a quantitative and qualitative review of work performed that is associated with:

a Overall Design Basis         a Production Run Cutouts
a Laminate Design   a Laminate Composition
a Mechanical Properties   a Laminate Visual Quality
a Engineering Calculations   a Thicknesses
a ASME UBRS (option)   a Hardness
a Equipment Configuration   a Acetone Sensitivity
a Fabrication Drawing Details   a Physical Properties
a Nozzle Construction   a Quality Control Reports
a Flange Construction   a ASME Data Report (option)
a Secondary Bonds / Welds   a Corrective Action Reports
a Postcure Procedure (option)   a Labeling
a FDA Preparation (option)   a OM Manual
a Certified Statements   a Installation Certificate

SP9100 Laminate Certification is accomplished following a four (4) step Equipment Certification Process.  This process facilitates review of the areas listed above, which includes: establishment of design basis and quality control audit trail for engineering, manufacturing and installation project phases; detailed submittal review auditing submittal compliance against specifications and referenced industry standards; inspection, performance testing and analysis of production run cutouts from equipment in manufacturing; installation checkup plus design basis verification and quality compliance at each step in certification process.

In order for a Manufacturer to receive a Laminate Certification following the audit they shall demonstrate to FRPI that their equipment meets or exceeds intent of specifier requirements sufficiently disclosed in precise plans and specifications.  This demonstration includes receipt of two (2) FRPI milestone acknowledgement letters, the first when engineering submittals are accepted and second when equipment is accepted following completion of manufacturing.  Upon receipt of letters and successful completion of the audit process, the Manufacturer is awarded FRPI Certified labels for application to each piece of equipment accepted and awarded an FRPI Laminate Certification certificate following installation inspection.  Both labels and certificate bear a registration number for job identification and certification traceability purposes.  For more information please Purchase Laminate Certification Manual or contact FRPI.


FRPI Certified Manufacturers providing certified equipment are accountable for maintaining their capabilities demonstrated and producing equipment that meets plans and specifications on a job-by-job bases.   Failure to meet these requirements may be grounds for warnings or immediate Laminating Process termination following SP9000 procedures.  Manufacturer accountability is upheld through annual Laminating Process Certification renewal, potential annual unannounced FRPI shop audits and Laminate Certification performed on candidate equipment certification projects submitted from time to time.

Anyone detecting an incident involving a FRPI Certified Manufacturer’s deviation from FRPI standard practices, laminate specifications, specification bulletins, plans and/or equipment specifications referenced in a contract requiring FRPI equipment certification is eligible and encouraged to report it.  Reports shall be filed by Owners, Owner’s Agents, Engineers and/or Intermediaries using the FRPI Laminating Process Deviation form available on the FRPI website.  Action against such reports shall follow SP9000 procedures for Termination of Laminating Process Certification.

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