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Incidents - Equipment Failure Reporting

Please help us better understand what problems are experienced with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (“FRP”) process equipment through reporting any and all equipment failure for continuous improvement efforts.  FRP process equipment failure is defined as any event occurring with the equipment that necessitates inspection, repair or removal from service.  

There are two (2) ways to report an incident of this nature:

Now, through the web site by filing an Equipment Failure Incident Form online.
Later, through downloading, printing and mailing the Equipment Failure Incident Report.  (Adobe Acrobat pdf)
The Types and Causes of failure reported here are taken from a study conducted in the late 1980’s, which spanned a thirty-year period.  As new data is collected, a revised report will be posted that will show the areas where we can focus our engineering efforts to better serve our industry through continuous process improvement.   

Equipment Failure Incident Form

Print an Equipment Failure Incident Report

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