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Equipment Failure Incident Form

The Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Institute (“FRPI”) thanks you for taking a moment to report an equipment failure.  Where failure is defined as any event occurring with the equipment that necessitates inspection, repair or removal from service.  Your contribution will help our industry better understand the types and causes of failure, as we strive to continually improve the safe, reliable and economic performance of custom manufactured Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (“FRP”) process equipment.  All information submitted will be kept confidential, with only compiled statistics made available for an industry reference.

INSTRUCTIONS.  This form/report contains the following Parts:

PART 1  -  Product Category Identification
PART 2  -  Types of Failure Experienced, with five (5) categories
PART 3  -  Causes of Failure Determined, with ten (10) categories
PART 4  -  Project Specific Information

Please complete Parts 1, 2 and 3 completely plus provide as much information in Part 4 as you are comfortable with sharing.  If you have more than one (1) piece of equipment to report on, please submit a separate report for each piece.  

Contact Information
Your First Name
Your Last Name
Your Company
Phone Number
PART 1.  What kind of FRP equipment are you reporting failure for?  Please select one (1) piece of equipment below.
Piping System
Tank or Vessel Liquid
Scrubber, Gas or Vapor
Duct System
PART 2.  Please describe the TYPES of failure experienced by selecting as many items as apply in this section.
1. Laminate Degradation:
Chemical Attack
Over Heating
2. Internal Pressure:
Manufacturing Source
Maintenance or Testing
3. External Pressure:
Vacuum (negative internal pressure)
Burial Loading
External Hydrostatic
4. Fire:
Internal, resulting from the process
External, resulting from another source
5. Mechanical:
Secondary Bond (joint)
Impact Damage
Flexural Fatigue
PART 3.  Please describe the CAUSES of failure determined by selecting as many items in this section as apply.  

Please note that the analysis of the data you provide looks at types and causes of failure separately, rather than attempting to correlate both of these issues.
1. Poor Resin Selection:
Environmental data incomplete
Environmental data in error
2. Environmental Conditions Changed:
Change in manufacturing process
Process upset
3. Insufficient Basic Mechanical Data:
Mounting arrangements or requirements
Agitation (vibration, torque, other)
Loading (top, packing, other)
4. Inadequate Process Design:
Process data incomplete
Process data in error
5. Unrecognized Fire Hazard:
Equipment related
Other source
6. Inadequate Equipment Design:
Design data incomplete
Error in design
7. Faulty Equipment Manufacturing:
Laminate (material) related
Fabrication (assembly) related
8. Poor Field Assembly:
Insufficient preparation (training, packaging, tools, weather, other)
Recommended procedures not followed
Poor engineering judgement
9. Transportation or Handling Damage:
In transit
10. Unknown:
Unable to determine based on existing evidence
Insufficient evidence
PART 4.  Please provide as much Project Specific Information as you are comfortable sharing below.

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