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CLASS G:Inspection and Testing Services
Annual Company Membership

Inspection and Testing Service members are companies that provide services such as fiberglass process equipment inspection, acoustic emissions monitoring, ultrasonic thickness checking, physical properties evaluation and/or cured resin properties determination.  Class G category shall also include inspection and testing companies that hold a FRPI license enabling use of the FRPI mark in promoting their FRPI certified inspectors.  Each member company may designate up to two (2) representatives through the membership application process.  Inspection and Testing Service employees of a Class G member company applying for membership that personally perform inspector and consultant related service for fiberglass process equipment and are seeking or hold FRPI Certified Inspector credentials shall apply only under the Class C Inspectors & Consultants category membership.

Benefits include:
  • No meetings, committee work or voting required
  • Private contact info (not published, given out or sold)
  • Marketing support - 


    Website business card advertisement


    FRPI website traffic builder campaigns 


    Multiple directories pointed at FRPI website


    FRPI website search engine optimization
  • Relationship building, networking and referrals
  • Member discounts for Seminars when offered
  • Improved results with FRPI programs and resources

Price:  $375.00

NOTE:  Membership Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases.

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